My name is Andrew VanWagoner, and I am originally from Taylorsville, Utah, USA. I am married, and we have four kids.

I am afraid my pen name the TaleCrafter might be somewhat misleading, because I make my living as a software engineer. As a teenager I aspired to be a writer and spent a lot of time writing a book, that I may never finish. Since I used the handle “thetalecrafter” back then, I’ve stuck with it, despite being less than accurate.

Of the posts you will find here, a few of them will deal with my book, a few will be discussions about our society as I perceive it, or about various neat tidbits I pick up here and there, but most of them will be about JavaScript.

Just a note, my family descended from John Halmagh Van Wagoner, whose family came from Wageningen, Holland. So, to you other Van Wagoners, VanWagoners, and Van Wagenens out there, if that name rings a bell, we’re probably related.