JavaScript Require Update

I’ve updated the code I use to require scripts and styles on my web pages. Check it out, or fork it at github: Usage: main file: 1234require.setObjUrl('jQuery'
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I hope I am not disappointing too many people, but I don’t feel strongly enough about this blog and I don’t have enough I want to say to blog on a regular basis. If you are interested in reading thing
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Barefoot (Revisited)

As I thought more on the topic of Internet security and privacy, I decided to revisit the image of going barefoot on the net. This time, however, in the form of a poem. Here it is: Barefoot I stand
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Welcome to the Great Northwest

Julie, Abby, and I have left Provo for the summer. I have started an internship as a Software Developer with We are living in downtown Seattle, and are still recovering from culture shoc
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@mbience a Cappella

In high school some friends and I made an a cappella group called Ambience. My brother Jacob was our 1st tenor, I sang 2nd tenor, Jacob Morris sang baritone, and Trevor Watts sang bass. We traded part
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Andy VanWagoner

Just trying to make the world a little better

Software Engineer