Jumping the Fold

Imagine if the three dimensional universe we observe actually was all folded up through a fourth spacial dimension, like a paper all wadded up. While another galaxy might be unfathomably far from us t
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Breathless in a New World

Last night I was thinking about the E3 coverage of the upcoming game No Man’s Sky, as well as the worlds of Metroid. The following is definitely influenced by forementioned, but it isn’t meant to fit
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On Pattern Hating

I have long considered myself a Java hater. I now think it really has nothing to do with the language itself. Sure it was easy to point at slow performance (hasn’t been true for a long time now), or m
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CommonJS in the Browser

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to use CommonJS modules in my web applications. I even started a repository on github for my implementation. As is apparent from searching, the task is non-tr
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Some thoughts on Web 4.0

The web has undergone some significant changes since its inception. 1.0 consisted mostly of HTML documents, with simple CSS style, and little or no JavaScript interaction. 2.0 was the AJAX revolution,
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